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I will get the the last few games on here soon.  We’ve been busy packing and I haven’t had time, but I will SOON!  be patient and practice pop-ups.  I’ll see you all on Wednesday!


Rugby & Lil Joe had their Birthday/going away party today.  We had lots of fun, plus a few suprises (thanks Justine & Kayla)


Can you even imagine what they are doing?  ummm..Nevermind


Piggy-back race!!  Who do you think is going to win?  I’ll give you a hint…


It’s NOT Postal & Pedro.  Actually the winners were:  Bunny & Rugby, second was Shelby & Lindsey, and third was Big Jeff & Lil Joe.  The winners recieved a very special prize.


After the park we went on to the pool.  I give Bunny a 9.5 for his dive.


Thanks for joining us Everyone!!  We’ll really miss you!!


It’s really amazing how only TWO bad innings can totally ruin a Baseball game.  We played GREAT, except for TWO bad innings where Hudson scored 8 runs and then 7 runs.  We had problems batting, but we still got kids on base, Lil Joe got on base both times he was up, he walked and then took a pitch for the team.  Postal got on base both time he was up too, he walked once and hit once.  So really, their pitching wasn’t that hot.  Elf pitched great for us, Ducky caught for him and he hardly had to move the glove.  I think we looked good, umm…well…except for SUBWAY’S NEW HAIR DO!!  Thank goodness for hats!  Hey, check out our team page at:  Click on 13A Truwe.   Our next game is on the 19th.  WooHoo!!!

Boys!!  Don’t forget about Ben and Joe’s Birthday/going Away Party on the 15th!!  Call for more info if you need it.





WE WON the first game of the tournament, we would have won the second game too, but it was postponed until tomorrow.  Tomorrow we play two games, and I have a feeling they will be great games.  The boys did FANTASTIC today.  We had great hits, Subway hit a TRIPLE, Lil Joe got a DOUBLE, we had tons of singles, AND 12 RUNS.  The final score was 12 to 6.  We had lots of pitchers give it a go.  Nibby pitched the first few innings, then we tried out Bunny for a bit, Croc pitched a few and then Ducky finished out the game.  I bet we do an excellent job tomorrow as well!  BOYS!!  Coach said to be in bed by 9:30, get your beauty sleep.  See you in the morning!

Safe @ 3rd

 SAFE!!  Nice slide!


Nibby Rocked!



Nice Pitch, Bunny!!


Way To Go, Croc!!


Ducky Finishes it up!!